Software Development

Custom Software Development

We design and develop customized software for your agile application needs. We have rich experience in constructing and development of interactive applications, using the new & latest scripting technologies available and the newest marketing technologies, along with the best professionals in the area. Our experience in offering end-to-end software services and complex internet based solutions, is vaster than most of the other companies.

At EaziBiz we follow an Agile Methodology process for custom software requirements which will ensure that software is delivered as per your requirements.

Software development
Our Methodology

“Do things Right the First time……”

Our rich experience in developing and implementing IT solutions has made us evolve a highly effective form of work-style for the rapid analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of applications and customized solutions. Effective real-time communication has been the key to the success of such half-way-around-the-globe-partnerships.

Understand Requirements

We understand the customer’s business objective, operational needs and technical expectations. Meeting is held with our functional and technical experts for a smooth flow of information in bilateral direction. Systematic tools & mechanism brings the thorough understanding of our client’s need. Validations through requirement clarifications produces refinement of purpose.

Offer Solution

At this level we have qualified requirements to offer Business, Functional and Technical plans. Validation of same by customer initiates the project. We also plan our resources to meet the crucial deadlines set by client by our ready to deploy resources.


Our expert team architects the technical and functional solution to meet the end requirements of clients in all respect. Proofing of same helps to create the Base Line for further review and continuous improvement. knowledge acquisition forms a platform for a Definite success.

Build in Stages

The phase is to concentrate on what we understood, offered and architected. We follow the approach of incremental development in phases which builds the customers confidence and steady project progress. Our team utilizes their skills, logic, and experience to produce a sound development.

Test and Evaluate

After development we go through rigorous unit and integrated testing. We coordinate with customers on User Acceptance Testing(UAT) and follow a closed loop testing methodology until customer signs of the UAT process.


We provide extensive training for end users as well as train-on-train the user approach. To assess the project success we arrange project learning meetings which forms a part of our continuous learning.

Support to Realize

We help client further to stabilization and realize the benefits. Technical guides are prepared and submitted to client including different level of documents, ongoing maintenance, support and enhancement. Our team helps client through various ways of communication of direct meeting, Internet, Teleconference, Machine access and ways convenient to client.